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Cuffs and Tubing

Coiled Tubing

All BpTRUTM cuffs are latex-free and allow for easy and quick adjustments.

Blood Pressure Cuffs and Tubing:

BpTRU Cuff Part No. Arm Circumference Range (cm)
Child BPM-100-09 13 - 18
Small Adult BPM-100-10 18 - 26
Regular Adult BPM-100-11 26 - 34
Large Adult BPM-100-12 32 - 43
Extra Large Adult BPM-100-13 41 - 52

Power Supplies, Cords and Batteries

Power Supply
Ac cord
Description Part No. Model
Power Supply, 8V, North America
- requires power cord BPM-300-66
BPM-100-30 100
Power Supply, 8V, United Kingdom
230V, 50Hz - includes power cord
BPM-100-31 100
Power Supply, 8V, Continental Europe
230V, 50Hz - includes power cord
BPM-100-32 100
Power Supply, 8V, Australia
240V, 50Hz - includes power cord
BPM-100-33 100
Power Supply, 10V, Universal
- requires power cord, see below
BPM-300-35 200
Power Cord, North America plug BPM-300-36 All models
Power Cord, United Kingdom plug BPM-300-31 200
Power Cord, Continental Europe plug BPM-300-32 200
Power Cord, Australia plug BPM-300-33 200
Battery, lead-acid, includes harness BPM-300-36 200

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